華崗 合歡溪步道 by Georg Chen

Serial killer Ted Bundy’s signature
me: better check my phone for texts from friends
me: *checks phone*
me: better get some friends

“Mr. Dahmer did not feel as though these people were dead because he was still relating to them. He would talk to them, he would cuddle them, he would hold them, he would think about them. He took the skull of somebody he’d killed and kept it in a locker so he could be close and have companionship with it. Now, that’s very, very sick, but to him it felt as though there was something warm and comforting happening, not that he was doing something terrible and awful.”
Dr. Fred Berlin, a Psychiatrist who formed part of the Defence Team.

Dangerously Beautiful [via/more] By Juan Polanco




if you try to tell me cold doesnt have a smell you’re wrong

when its really cold you can literally smell how cold it is

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